UFOs and Aliens

Let us look at a simple arithmetical proposition. If 99.99% of UFO sightings can be explained away by natural effects that leaves a large number of ‘not-easily-explained’ sightings.

We can consider too, how many stars are out there with planetary systems. Most of us trying to count them give up just before the count matches the grains of sand on all the deserts and beaches of the world. There are lots! What percentage of them having planetary systems contains a planet very like Earth or one that hosts a sentient life form or two?

“...Hey! We only came here to get away from Global Warming”

If you have experienced a sighting and wish to share your experience on these pages please email the Institute today. Publish your experience and thoughts on what happened now by emailing us straightaway at info@parapsych.org.uk

The College of Management Science’s Diploma course on UFOlogy gives the UFO investigator a deep and broad expertise in the subject including a study of many of the famous and lesser known reported sightings and encounters.

Before the days of the U.K.’s Freedom of Information Act, it took thirty years for the Ministry of Defence to allow us to find out about UFO reports and other Alien phenomenon. Now it only takes them just over a year to prepare their report. In 2006 the Ministry of Defence received 97 reports of UFOs and possible alien activity.
Here are just a few of these ...
7.20 p.m. 10th February 2006: Over Marlborough in Wiltshire, a large flashing ball of light was seen which changed colour from, red through orange, green to blue. The UFO hovered over the town for about a full half hour.
10.00 pm 23rd April 2006: Four golden spheres were observed flying over West Kilbride in Ayrshire, Scotland.
6.45 pm 18th June 2006: Sited flying over Macclesfield in Cheshire was a large spinning object with a grey metallic look. It had a triangular part to each side.
9.45 pm 13th September 2006: More triangles ... sited over Whitehaven in Cumbria, a large trianglar UFO with green, red and amber lights. It made an unusual droning noise as it flew over.
9.30 pm 31st October 2006: Flying over Hetton-Le-Hole in Tyne and Wear, a black triangular UFO was sited. It had three lights on it

“...yes dear, I can see him in the mirror, but maybe he just
wants us to pull over.

The College of Management Science offers one of the leading UFOlogy courses accredited by the Institute. Designed especially for distance learning the college has students throughout the world ...
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