Time Travel

Science Fiction literature is replete with stories of Time Travel. The most famous of these is The Time Machine by H.G.Wells. In that story, an inventor built a Time Machine and travelled ahead in time, slowly at first, then way into the distant future.

It is, however, not only authors who have an interest in the subject. Time Travel is taken quite seriously in the scientific community.

The biggest obstacle to time travel is the amount of energy required.

Now a leading Physicist, Professor Amos Ori has set out a theoretical model of a time maching which would enable folk to travel back in time.

Professor Ori’s model is based on a series of mathematical equations which describe the conditions which would lead to the creation of the time machine. The machine is known as ‘closed time-like curves’. Earlier papers on the subject of time travel had always relied on the use of so-called exotic matter found in the universe. However, Prof.Ori’s model would mean that it may be possible to use any material even common dust. The secret is to have sufficient matter to bend time space into a loop. Time would bend back on itself in the time loop. The traveller entering the loop would then be taken back in time as he went back along the loop, and indeed by making several laps of the loop could travel back farther and farther.

There are still problems to be sorted out such as the stability of the time space loop, and work is being carried out in that field.

Of course one of the main areas of contention and a source of heated debate is the ‘grandfather paradox’ in which you go back and kill your grandfather meaning that you were never born and so could not exist to travel back. For that reason Prof. Stephen Hawkings states that time travel is impossible. Prof Hawkings calls this the ‘ chronology projection conjecture’.

For now the debate continues. What do you think about Time Travel and its possibility and problems? Please email us at info@parapsych.org.uk

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