Past Life Experience

Have you lived before?

There are many theories advanced to explain the strange effect known as Past Life Regression

The effect can be displayed under hypnosis, where the subject is taken back to various times in history to see if they can encounter an earlier version of themselve.

The two main theories offered to explain this phenomenon are

1. That it is simply a product of the human imagination using its enormous creative power to construct the scene

2. It is simply a genuine effect, perhaps indicating an inherited memory in a similar way to the ways in which we inherit the ability to speak.

A rather intellectually delicious, other effect has been uncovered however, using a very similar technique ...
... are you going to live again?

When the Hypnotherapy course for the College of Management Science was being developed to cover Past Life Regression, research uncovered the possibility of amending the technique slightly to enable the therapist to allow the subject to visit future lives [Future Life Progression]

One of the difficulties discovered was our inability to verify whether the subject was entering a real or imagined future life, since there was no obvious way to check this without a Time Machine.

Past Life Regression effects can often be verified by checking the history of a person or location, of which the individual would not have prior knowledge, except by deliberate fraud.

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