Paranormal Parasychology Member Services

PARANORMAL & PARAPSYCHOLOGY SERVICES: In addition to providing accreditation for Parapsychology Institute members through their membership and education through distance learning courses, the Institute of Forensic Parapsychology offers a range of services some included in the subscription and others on a fee basis.

Services included in membership are ...

1. A Licence to describe oneself as a member or fellow of the institute where appropriate and adopt the instituteís designatory letters [please see membership grades].

2. Responding to enquiries from academic or professional bodies for confirmation of a memberís bona fides.

3. Taking instructions from a member and supplying considered opinion on any apparently paranormal effect encountered by a member during an investigation or research project via email.

4. Offering accreditation to a memberís project, or local paranormal research society for a specific project such as the production of a written report, or book, or video footage.

Services offered to members on a fee or consultancy basis...

1. Contributing to the management of a Paranormal or Parapsychology project.

2. Advising on the setting up of a group, society, project, web-site design, production, search engine optimization, or otherwise.

3. Advising and, or working in partnership in the production of a book, video/film project in the field.
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