Paranormal History

Paranormal activity, and paranormal phenomena are part of paranormal investigations which have taken place through history. The World of Ghosts affects us all. Discover some of the past today ...

Geraldine Cummins [1890 - 1969]
Geraldine Cummins was a remarkable medium whose speciality was automatic writing. Despite not having studied theology nor having visited Palestine or Egypt, her first book, The Scripts of Cleophas [1928] rehearsed fine detail of early Christianity and indeed gave supplements to the Acts of the Apostles and the Epistles of StPaul

James Murrell [1780 - 1860 ...also know as Cunning Murrell] . James Murrell, the Essex Witchdoctor was the seventh son of a seventh son. He set himself up as a herbalist, seer and a cattle doctor. In another existence as the Devilís Master he also performed exorcism of evil spirits and employed scrying to discover the whereabouts of lost items. He used a mirror or a black liquid spread onto a bowl.

His astrological predictions were held in high regard, a feature which lasted until his last day, the very same last day which he predicted with faultless accuracy some years before

Alectromancy ... not really a word which is too easy to fit into the conversation every day, and yet it provides an interesting insight into earlier forms of divination. Alectromancy was a popular form of divination in 17th century Britain. It involved a white cockerel and was used mostly by men wanting to know someoneís name, and typically this would be the name of a thief, a wifeís lover or some enemy or other.

The process of divination involved first , the creation of a circle on some clear patch of ground. This then would be marked out in 26 equal segments, one for each letter of the alphabet. The enquirer would then place a few grains of wheat in each segment whilst at the same time rehearsing some magic words. The white cockerel would then have its claws trimmed and be placed into the circle to peck at the grain. Careful attention was taken of the segments in which the bird fed to enable the letters of the name to be revealed.

A favourite time for this ceremony was sunrise

Ballechin House in Perthshire has been in and out of the news since hauntings there were first reported in the 1890s. Even the London Times [as it was referred to then] gave events there a full monthís coverage.

Having heard about the hauntings from a Jesuit priest, the Marquess of Bute, in 1892 rented the house and invited two paranormal investigators to move in and investigate. They were Colonel Lemesurier Taylor and a Miss A. Goodrich-Freer [Mrs. Hans Spoer].

A report was duly published which revealed a list of apparently paranormal events: voices, footsteps, banging, thumps and knocking sounds. Other events reported included coherent messages during Ouija board sessions and one of the paranormal investigators reported seeing a nun on seven occasions.

The report is published: The Alleged Haunting of B---------- House, George Redway [1899,rev.edition, 1900

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