Paranormal/Parapsychology Free Offers

The Institute of Forensic Parapsychology seeks to promote excellence and interest in the fields of parapsychology, paranormal investigation and their related fields. To those ends, the institute offers courses, support and accreditation through membership. You can read about these by clicking on the links to your left or at the foot of this page.

To widen its support of those engaged in the field and others who might like to become engaged in the work, the institute offers instant access, FREE OF CHARGE, to accreditation in the field to genuine enquirers.


You can become an associate member of the Institute of Forensic Parapsychology today with all the benefits completely FREE OF CHARGE for a whole year.

You are able to style yourself an ‘Associate Member of the Institute of Forensic Parapsychology’, and to adopt the institute’s designatory letters after your name ‘A.M.Inst.F.P.

You will also receive an illuminated certificate of membership, which will be sent to you via an email attachment for you to download. [membership certificates for full members and fellow members are printed and sent by post or courier]

All that you have to do is email us at

1. declare that you are 18 years of age or more [or simply give your age, if you prefer]
2. confirm that you are genuinely interested in research and understanding of the paranormal and paranormal phenomena, and
3. that you will act to promote the cause of the the Institute and uphold its good name.

There is no obligation to renew your membership, although you will be made most welcome if you do so. There are no catches or strings of any kind to this offer, or any other offers made from time to time. Like you, we at the Institute are genuinely interested in the pursuit of truth and a growing knowledge of our wonderful universe ... and some of the other universes which we are yet to discover and, perhaps one day, visit!

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