Institute of Psychic Practitioners

The Institute of Psychic Practitioners is a body which works with the Institute of Forensic Parapsychology to advance learning and understanding of Paranormal effects.

Membership of the Institute of Psychic Practitioners is open to those who are engaged in the practice of applying psychic abilities to help others.

Psychics and Mediums often come in for criticism about their ability or honesty.

In fact, quite often the psychics and mediums harshest critics are themselves.

Although self-knowledge and insight are needed by a successful psychic, learning from others can make the difference between being good and being breathtakingly good as a psychic, medium, remote-viewer or other engaged in the field of spirit communication.

The course for Psychics and Mediums which is run by the Institute [via the College of Management Science, London] goes into the techniques of communication at a practical level. However, it goes further by explaining an understandable foundation for the psychic paranormal effects associated with spirit communication at seances and in other circumstances

The Institute of Psychic Practitioners has its own website which you can visit at ...

If you are a practising psychic or medium, whether professional, amateur or semi-professional, you can gain accreditation through membership of the Institute of Psychic Practitioners which is a sister body of the Institute of Forensic Parapsychology

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* Medium
* Clairvoyant
* Clairaudient
* Electronic Voice Phenomenon
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* Psychic Healer
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* Aura Reading
* Remote Viewing
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